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Downtown Streetcar: No More Loop?

June 17, 2009


Larry Sandler notes the continuing confusion over the implementation of the downtown streetcar and county bus-rapid transit proposals, including this interesting nugget:

Meanwhile, city officials are reconsidering the idea of running the streetcar in a loop around downtown, Curley and Beitzel said. They’re exploring routes that would reach into the lower east side and former Park East Freeway corridor, or possibly as far north as E. Brady St., and would serve the Bradley Center on the west, Curley said.

This sounds like a route from Juneau east to Water St, then north to Brady St. An interesting detail could be if the line would run all the way to the eastern end of Brady St., which could foreshadow an eventual extension north to UWM along Prospect/Farwell. It’s difficult to draw conclusions from such a preliminary report, but this sounds a lot better than the loop proposal in terms of serving higher density residential areas and spurring development in the Park East corridor. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.


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