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No Apologies

May 2, 2009


photo by Scott Paulus

Badger Meter chairman Rich Meeusen photo by Scott Paulus

This probably isn’t the best way to lobby for taxpayer dollars for your industry. Rich Meeusen, chairman of Badger Meter, in the Business Journal of Milwaukee

We are going to be moving unskilled work down to Mexico and I’m not going to apologize for that,” Badger Meter chairman, president and chief executive officer Richard Meeusen said at the company’s annual meeting on April 24. “It’s the nature of our business and the nature of what’s happening in America.”

Rich Meeusen, chairman of Badger Meter, in a PR piece for WISN on April 30:

Meeusen’s day job is president of Badger Meter, a Brown Deer based company with 1,200 employees and operations world wide. It’s the largest producer of water meters in North America. In the midst of a deep global recession, Badger Meter is racking up record earnings. No layoffs there.

“Our business has been very strong. And why is that? Because we’re in water,” Meeusen said.

Meeusen said the future is bright for companies that help find, clean and deliver water, or help people use it more wisely.

“People who are serving that water cycle, I believe, are going to do well economically over the next few decades, as water becomes a bigger issue,” Meeusen said.

If you’re still skeptical about Milwaukee being a global water technology hub, Meeusen said consider this: There are already 120 of those companies doing business here. They employ 20,000 people. And Meeusen will tell you, it’s not like you’re having to re-invent the wheel.

Business may be strong, but it doesn’t appear to be helping everyone here. This is probably excusable when the economy is booming, but when there’s a minimum of 9.4% of people looking for work, this looks completely out of touch.    If the nature of your business is to outsource jobs, what incentive is there to support what you do? 

Explore Badger Meter’s corporate relationships here:


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