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Great Moments In Journal Sentinel Blogs

April 10, 2009

Another deserving recipient

Another deserving recipient

Patrick McIlheran’s blog is a breeding ground for terrible comments from under-informed readers with awesome screen names.  It’s unfortunate that it has to be this way, but I think it’s partly because Patrick is constantly alternating between link-heavy posts that can sometimes spark rational debate and overtly-partisan posts that feel more like a written poke in the chest.  But hey, he’s a right-wing guy so what’re ya gonna do?

In this edition of  Great Moments In Journal Sentinel Blogs, Patrick suggests that because the Democratic Party of Wisconsin made an ad poking fun at Scott Walker’s many contradictory statements about rejecting accepting qualifying himself rejecting accepting stimulus money with conditions, it must mean that Jim Doyle’s folks are starting to get nervous about the gubernatorial race 19 months away.  It’s kind of an unproveable theory since Patrick is only guessing at what other people are thinking about something that hasn’t happened yet, but let’s just call it a push for the sake of convenience.

Before I unveil the best comment of the week, let me just say that this ad will go down as the best ad of the entire gubernatorial campaign, all 19 months left of it.  Two words: Yackety Sax.

And now, another Great Moment In Journal Sentinel Blogs…

bitter ed

Get used to these year-round ads. They are motivational fodder for ACORN and others to keep going full speed. As for the legs outside SE Wisconsin – if he does have legs, plan on them being broken by President Icy Stare and associates of the We Now Control The Internet Party.

Someone’s sweating bullets, but I don’t think it’s Jim Doyle.   I hope bitter ed, and all of you, have a relaxing weekend.

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  1. JCG permalink
    April 22, 2009 12:27 am

    bitter ed is at least right about one thing: that dude is bitter!

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