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More Great Moments In Journal Sentinel Blogs

February 27, 2009
Guess Who's Commenting on Race?

Guess Who's writing about race at the JS?

In a less than fruitful discussion about race, comment #35 of 40 by FOODWAGON is all you need to read:

let’s all be political correct!!! RESPONSIBILITY RESPONSIBILITY

Okay, not really.  Actually, this comment by harleyultra sums up the debate about race, personal anecdotes about race and juvie (sic) counseling in 1959:

Holy cow donzo, you are now going off the deep end. I’ve gone through your posts and there are no links or references only insults. I referenced a segment from CNN. If you want to go to and try and find it, go ahead, but I’m not going to post a link for you. What, in any of say 99% of the posts on this blog can be proven?????????????????? Its all just bullsh*t opinion, whether it has a story or not. A poster on this board said he worked in 1959 with disadvantaged youth and then used that as an opening to make some good points. Can that be proven???? I guess I should just dismiss his entire post because he didnt prove he was a counselor in 1959 and is, according to you, probably lying. Why do you think most people lie? Is that a reflection of your own character? I assume most people tell the truth. Why does it bother you to not be able to verify every single little fact in a post? This is a blog not a college thesis.

I’m glad we had this talk, fellas.


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