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Buy It Now: 2nd Street Real Estate

February 18, 2009
Lindsay Brothers Building on S. 2nd Street

Lindsay Brothers building on S. 2nd Street

One of my favorite streets in Walker’s Point is South 2nd Street, which you can see a very beautiful portion of in the header for this blog.   It’s a beautiful mix of restaurants/bars, quiet warehouses and fledgling condo projects within an authentic urban grid.  The more I explore it, the more I wish it would have benefited more from the recent boom.

If you want the good times to continue and have an extra $6.2 million to spare, you can bid on the beautiful Lindsay Brothers Building. If you’re a little strapped for cash, $5 million will win you the Walsh Building.    Considering these properties are priced a scant $300,000 down from their reported 2006 market values, either these are truly hot properties in a cold, cold time or Brian Jost is going to have to rein in his expectations.    Good luck to him, regardless.


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