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Another Bus Driver Attacked

January 17, 2009

Perhaps now that this attack happened in an area of Milwaukee that more people seem to care about, we can use some of that stimulus money (or pay $.01 extra for that pack of gum) to equip our bus drivers with protective shields around their seats.   Each incident that we read about or see on the local news is just one more piece of bad publicity for mass transit.  We may pass it off, but don’t forget that people as far north as Green Bay receive our local news (courtesy of WTMJ).   Considering transit is generally not something people up there even consider, these attacks are the first thing they’ll think of when an Amtrak line is extended farther north or when there’s an event they want to see in Milwaukee.

It’s commendable that the other drunks (?) helped the bus driver and yelled at the attacker.  But I can’t be the only one that heard his lady friend call him “Gary.”  Am I?   That would go a lot farther in identifying him than looking for a short white kid in his 20’s amongst the sea of them on the eastside.

I’d post the video, but it’s from Brightcove, which WordPress doesn’t support.


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